Rental Housing Permit

Obtaining a Rental Housing Permit

If you plan to rent residential property in State College Borough, you must obtain a license from the Centre Region Code Administration (CRCA), 2643 Gateway Drive, State College, Pennsylvania, 16801. Contact the CRCA by phone at (814) 231-3056.

All rental housing in the Borough is required to have a rental permit and is regulated by the International Property Maintenance Code and Fire Prevention Code. These codes require the property owner to maintain the structure in a safe and sanitary condition.

The Rental Housing Permit application process begins as follows for rental properties located in State College Borough:

  1. Obtain a blank Rental Housing Permit application from either State College Borough or Centre Region Code Administration. An application can be mailed to you by calling the State College Division of Health and Neighborhood Services, (814) 234-7191 or the Centre Region Code Administration (CRCA), (814) 231-3056. 
  2. Return the completed application to the Centre Region Code Administration office, along with the required permit fee. Checks must be payable to the Borough of State College. Once the Borough processes the application, it will be forwarded to the Centre Region Code Administration for further processing. Thereafter, the Code Administration will contact you directly for follow up.

Retaining Your Rental Permit
Rental permits may be suspended for failure to comply with the International Property Maintenance Code and Fire Prevention Code. Section 804 and Section 806 identify reasons why and how a rental permit suspension may occur. 

According to Section 804, whenever an imminent hazard to community health, safety or welfare exists at a property the Code Administration is authorized to order any structure vacated within 10 days and the rental permit suspended if the violation is not corrected within 90 days.

Section 806 refers to the Borough's Nuisance Property Ordinance. The purpose of this ordinance is to identify and resolve neighborhood nuisance problems arising from repeated violation of Borough laws and ordinances. The ordinance is designed to actively engage rental property owners in identifying and resolving problem properties before their properties become a reoccurring nuisance property.

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