What Is VCICM?

What Is the Victim Centered Intensive Case Management (VCICM) Unit?

The Victim Centered Intensive Case Management (VCICM) Unit was created to centralize and coordinate the response to domestic violence, and its members are committed to providing positive and effective response to reports of domestic abuse and domestic stalking in Centre County.

The VCICM Unit is comprised of a specialized domestic violence Detective, a Field/Legal Advocate, and a Project Technician who collaborate with a variety of county agencies in order to lend investigative support and to provide victim outreach services. Since the Field Advocate is employed by the Centre County Women’s Resource Center, Centre County’s local domestic violence agency, any communications between the victim and the Advocate are protected by strict standards of confidentiality. The Detective and Advocate initially respond together in an integrated approach in order to provide immediate services to victims when they are most in need of those services. After the initial response, the Advocate is available to the victim to assist with obtaining Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders, developing safety plans, court accompaniment, and other victim services. The Detective is able to coordinate and assist with follow-up investigations, aid victims in accessing services available through the criminal justice system, and assist with criminal case preparation and expert testimony for prosecution. The Project Technician reviews and triages all incoming cases and PFA orders, conducts case analysis and research, and maintains comprehensive records to track domestic violence offenders.

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Intensive training is provided by the Unit to area law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, and other service providers, thereby strengthening the law enforcement response and facilitating a more effective prosecution of offenders. In addition, the Unit provides community outreach and education in order to raise the level of public awareness concerning the crimes of domestic abuse and domestic stalking.

The VCICM Unit is the only agency in the state of Pennsylvania to employ this innovative concept of intense collaboration between law enforcement and victim services. In addition, the Unit has worked to foster a close working relationship with the District Attorney’s office, the Centre County Women’s Resource Center, and other agencies regarding issues of domestic violence, creating a more efficient and effective process for combating domestic abuse and assisting victims.

With the inception of the VCICM Unit, great strides are being made in the handling of domestic abuse and domestic stalking in Centre County. The unified response and intensive monitoring of domestic violence cases has led to victims being better served and protected, and offenders being held accountable for their actions.

Intervention is the first step in breaking the cycle of domestic violence. The VCICM Unit is committed to providing that intervention. Please browse our website for further information on the crimes of domestic violence and stalking, and learn what services are available in Centre County.

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