Historic Resources Commission

What is the Historic Resources Commission?

 The Historic Resources Commission was established in 1995 to advise Council on matters pertaining to historic resources, advocate for the preservation of those resources, and serve as a clearinghouse for information and education on such matters.

The Commission reviews and makes recommendations on construction plans involving historic structures and work closely with the State College Planning Commission and Design Review Board.


 It is the mission of the Commission to:
  • Advise Borough Council on matters pertaining to historic resources;
  • Identify historic resources within the Borough of State College;
  • Advocate for the preservation of these historic resources; and
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information and education on historic resources in the community and the preservation thereof.
Meeting Time

Meetings are traditionally held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Current Members

The Commission has seven members that serve four-year terms. 

  • Eric Boeldt, Chair 
  • Eric White 
  • Gary O. Patterson 
  • Guido Cervone 
  • Katsuhiko Muramoto 
  • Susan Bardo
  • Vacancy
  1. Membership Requirements
  2. Powers & Duties
  3. Working with other ABCs
  4. Additional Resources
  5. Publications
Membership Requirements

The Commission shall consist of seven members. Members shall be appointed by Council and, initially, three shall be appointed for terms of two years and four for terms of four years; thereafter, their successors shall be appointed for terms of four years. Vacancies which occur for reasons other than the expiration of terms shall be filled for the period of the unexpired term. One member may be a member of the Design Review Board (DRB).

In making appointments to the Historic Resources Commission, Council shall seek individuals who possess qualities of impartiality, maturity and broad judgment and in whom the community at large may be expected to have confidence. Appointments shall be made in such a way as to maintain on the Commission at all times, at least, four members who shall have expertise in one of the following areas: historic preservation, real estate, local history and architecture.

Members of the Commission shall serve without pay but may be reimbursed for actual expenses incident to the performance of their duties within the limits of funds available to the Commission.

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