Planning Commission

What is the Planning Commission?
The Planning Commission:
  • Reviews and comments on Comprehensive Plan issues;
  • Prepares zoning ordinance amendments for consideration by Council;
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on proposals to rezone land;
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on land development and subdivision plans;
  • Reviews and comments on the Borough's Capital Improvements Program; and,
  • Conducts other planning studies and performs other related projects.
The Commission has seven members who are residents of the Borough. They are appointed for 4-year terms. One of the Commission's members also serves as State College Borough's representative on the Centre Regional Planning Commission.

For questions about this Commission, call (814) 234-7109.

Meeting Time
The Borough Planning Commission meets at 12 noon on the first Wednesday of each month and at 7:00 p.m. on the second and third Thursday of each month.

Current Members
  • Michael W. Roeckel, Chair
  • Anita Genger, Vice-Chair
  • Zoe Boniface
  • Jon Eich
  • Charles Dumas
  • Scott M. Dutt
  • Richard L. Kalin

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