Towing for Private Property Parking Violation

Managing and enforcing parking regulations in the Borough of State College is a continuous process. Parking violations commonly occur on both public and private property. While the Borough police and parking enforcement officers enforce parking violations on any public right-of-way, property owners are responsible for taking action against persons parking on private property.

Here are general guidelines for various parking violations:
  1. If a vehicle is parked on the street blocking a resident’s driveway, contact the police department who will take appropriate action.
  2. If a vehicle is parked on any part of the public sidewalk adjacent to a private property, contact the police department who will take appropriate action.
  3. If a vehicle is parked totally on the property of a private residence such as in the driveway or parked in the lawn, the property owner is responsible for contacting a towing agency to have the vehicle removed. All Borough approved towers will remove an illegally parked vehicle totally on private property if requested by the property owner. Borough approved towers and phone numbers are listed below.
NOTE: Parking signs are NOT required to have illegally parked vehicles towed in any of the three (3) scenarios described above.

There is one exception to #3 above. For private commercial properties that have on-site parking by permit or for a fee, the lot must be adequately signed as prescribed in the Borough’s Public and Private Property Towing ordinance for the vehicle to be towed.

Currently, the Borough approved towers are (in alphabetical order):
  • Stewart Towing – (814) 237-0451
  • Tennis Towing – (814) 234-9700
  • Walk’s Towing  (814) 238-2886
If you are unsure if you are authorized to have what appears to be an illegally parked vehicle towed, please contact the State College Police Department at (814) 234-7150 for guidance.

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