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Common Indoor Air Quality Improvements in Green Buildings
(From The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings)
1.) Much lower source emissions from measures such as better siting (e.g., avoiding locating 
air intakes next to outlets, such as parking garages, and avoiding re-circulation), and better 
building material source controls (e.g., required attention to storage).  Certified and Silver 
level green buildings achieved 55% and Gold level LEED buildings achieved  88%  of 
possible LEED credits for use of the following:
a. less toxic materials 
b. low-emitting adhesives & sealants 
c. low-emitting paints 
d. low-emitting carpets 
e. low-emitting composite wood 
f.  indoor chemical & pollutant source control  

 2)  Significantly better lighting quality including: more day lighting (half of 21 LEED green 
buildings  reviewed  provide  day lighting  to at least 75% of building space), better 
daylight harvesting and use of shading, greater occupancy control over light levels and 
less glare. 

3)  Generally improved thermal comfort and better ventilation – especially in buildings that 
use underfloor air for space conditioning.

4)  Commissioning, use  of measurement and verification, and CO2 monitoring to ensure 
better performance of systems such as ventilation, heating and  air  conditioning. 

Benefits of Indoor Air Quality and other Indoor Environmental Quality Improvements 
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Occupant Health & Well-being
  • For example, a 2003 report,The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings , prepared for California’s Sustainable Building Task force, reported a benefit to tenant health and productivity that dwarfs even the reduced resource use savings. Adding the value of improved tenant health and productivity, the 20 year net present value for LEED Certified and Silver buildings is $48.87 and for Gold and Platinum $67.31.
  • Increased Sales and Leasing Potential

    Publications of Interest
  • Opportunities for Green Building Rating Systems to Improve Indoor Air Quality Credits and to Address Changing Climatic Conditions - by Jelena Srebric, Ph.D.
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