Focus On Appearance Award

Periodically, the Design Review Board of State College Borough awards a Focus on Appearance Award to individuals, businesses or organizations that have contributed to the enhancement of the community’s ambiance. The award is a token of appreciation as well as recognition of those who have maintained a high standard of appearance on their property through design, aesthetic and/or safety enhancements. State College Borough believes that such initiative is vital in ensuring that the Community continues to be an aesthetically pleasing place to live and work.

2018 Recipients

Keith Karako-517 West Park Avenue

517 West Park Avenue

Heidi Nicolas-129 East Beaver

129 East Beaver Avenue

254 East Beaver, LLC-270 Walker Drive, Suite 200 SW

254 East Beaver Avenue

2017 Recipient

James and Susan Shincovich-437 East Fairmont Award

The Shincovich’s were selected by the Design and Historic Review Board during their December 5, 2017 meeting. The Board indicated they were appreciative of the property owners’ significant efforts to preserve the historical nature of their residence and preservation of the neighborhood character. This work is a great example of what property owners can do with design can be of value. It was noted that the award is being given due to the improvements made to the building. The Board is very appreciative of the use of quality building materials and design.

2015 Recipient

Beth Kalenak - 126 West Marylyn Avenue
Rick Bryant and Beth Kalenak

The Design Review Board recognized the significant effort to preserve and maintain the mid-century modern home owned and maintained by Beth Kalenak. In presenting the award, the Board noted the efforts that have been made to maintain the exterior of the home and landscaping. This work is a great example of maintaining a residence and contributing to the neighborhood environs.

2014 Recipients

 Pennsylvania State University - Nittany Lion Shrine Improvements

 Frank Theodore Koe, III - 411 South Sparks Street

2012 Recipients

The 2012 winners of the Focus on Appearance Award are the property owners of 800 West College Avenue and Pennsylvania State University for the Nittany Lion Inn.

Pamela & Dale Trout - 800 West College Avenue

Zoe Boniface, Pamela Trout and DaughterDale and Pamela have taken an existing student home and have made it more viable. 800 West College Avenue is located in the Urban Village Zoning District and is in an area that the community has chosen to preserve in historic fashion. By using flexible zoning incentives, the Trouts have preserved the historical façade along West College Avenue while extending the house further back onto the lot. Other reasons for the award include:

  • Preservation of the historical value of the residence and neighborhood character
  • Attractive South Patterson Street facade
  • Use of flexible zoning incentives to carry out the spirit and action of the intent of the zoning ordinance
  • Provides an example to other rental property owners that design can be of value
  • Improvements made to the building in both uses of quality materials and design.

Pennsylvania State University - Nittany Lion Inn

Zoe Boniface and Gordon TurowThe Design Review Board has also selected Pennsylvania State University’s Nittany Lion Inn for receipt of the Focus on Appearance Award for the following reasons:

  • The Nittany Lion Inn provides for valuable aesthetics and preservation of a historic campus building that enhances a prominent location on the Penn State campus;
  • Generously sized brick sidewalks and crosswalks;
  • Well-maintained grounds and dedicated building maintenance staff;
  • Use of quality materials and design, which provides visual interest and consistency with other updated parts of the Penn State campus.

2011 Recipients

This 2011 winners of the Focus on Appearance Award are the property owners of Taco Bell for renovations at 310 East College Avenue and Pennsylvania State University for streetscape improvements to Shortlidge Road.

Taco Bell

Taco BellTaco Bell received the Focus on Appearance Award for renovations of their property at 310 East College Avenue:

  • Taco Bell’s new location provides a contemporary updated look to an existing building;
  • Contributes positively to the streetscape;.
  • The entrance is highlighted by height change, a rounded top and the addition of a canopy;
  • The façade design creates interest by the use of a combination of materials;
  • The use of stone for the sidewalk and public right-of-way ensures substantial durability in a heavily traveled area;
  • Pedestrian improvements through the addition of a bench and bike rack.

The Pennsylvania State University Shortlidge Road Streetscape Improvements Project

Shortlidge Road Streetscape Improvement ProjectThe Design Review Board has also selected Pennsylvania State University’s Shortlidge Road Streetscape Improvements Project for receipt of the Focus on Appearance Award for the valuable aesthetic and safety improvements accomplished by the project:

  • The streetscape improvements enhance a key entrance to the Penn State campus and College Avenue;
  • By replanting the trees of various species;
  • Adding raised pedestrian crosswalks and lighting,
  • Adding new benches
  • Installing generously sized brick sidewalks and crosswalks.

Previous Recipients

Looks Hair Design mural

Mosaic and other attractive store front elements

Old State ClothingUpgrades to store façade and entrance way
Irving’s BagelsAttractive entrance way, doors, decorative lighting and signs that add character to the building façade and charm to the streetscape.
Sera-Tec Plasma Center

Building and site improvements enhance the downtown streetscape and for making this key corner into an attractive and welcoming space.
The Deli

The two new outdoor cafes, which are a positive enhancement to the Heister & Calder Alley streetscapes.

Ramada Inn

Visual enhancements made to the building and streetscape along South Atherton Street. The variation and style of the roof line and the stylized cornice detailing add interest to the façade.
Alpha Kappa Lambda

Recent façade renovations create a pleasant and welcomed addition to the streetscape. Their exceptional architectural style, unique and rich materials, and landscaped surroundings enhance the community’s appearance.
Jay Storch Family

Developing McAllister Way, the delightful pedestrian space between the Ski Station and Tavern Restaurant that enlivens the downtown.
Manhattan Bagel Co.

Enhancement of the downtown by creating a colorful outdoor care that forms an inviting pedestrian zone between building and sidewalk.
Perfectly FrankStylish outdoor seating area that encourages pedestrian activity thereby enhancing the downtown’s vitality.
Tavern RestaurantDeveloping McAllister Way, the delightful pedestrian space between the Ski Station and Tavern Restaurant that enlivens the downtown area.
Chuck Fong’s Studio

Recognized for the stylish entrance way to the basement business that uses modern features like the standing seam roof and smartly crafted sign, and blends those new materials tastefully with the older buildings.
Jewish Community Center

The new entrance way built along the front of the existing building and its modern design with rounded metal roof and glass walls designed by Larry Wolfe depart it from the older style and present a wonderful entrance way that cleverly announces itself through a contrasting style.
University Baptist & Brethren

Recognized for the new entrance way built along the south side of the existing building. Construction using similar stone, trim and other building materials found in the existing church.
SC Presbyterian Church

Excellent building design and craftsmanship that complement the church and the downtown streetscape.
University Mennonite ChurchMatching addition to an older church that enhances both the property and streetscape.
Eddie BauerCreative façade added to an older building that enhances the downtown streetscape and retail area.
Chili’s Bar n’ GrillCreative façade added to an older building that enhances the downtown streetscape and retail area.
Lillian Raycroft Law OfficeBuilding and Site improvements that exemplify how older properties can be fixed and retained for new uses.
McAllister Street Parking Deck

Recognized for the handsome design of the new parking deck as being a real asset to the visual appearance of this part of the downtown.

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