Holtzman Award

The Holtzman Award is presented each year to the Authorities, Boards & Commissions (ABC) Dinner to an individual or organization that provides a quality design project to the State College Borough community. The project must substantially enhance, promote or maintain the aesthetic appearance of the Borough.

2018 Award Recipient

IngridHarpers was awarded the 2018 recognition for their recent renovations to their new downtown location. This has been a welcomed addition to the aesthetics of Downtown State College. The 2018 recognition was presented by Council Member Dan Murphy to Brian Cohen, owner. Since Harpers opened its doors in 1926, they have provided the State College and Penn State communities with traditional and fashionable clothes with extraordinary customer service.

2017 Award Recipient

UpStreet Architects, Inc. received the 2017 award for their 1311 South Atherton Street project where they developed aesthetically pleasing affordable housing project that enhances the South Atherton Street corridor by blending commercial use with housing.

2016 Award Recipient

holtzman award winnerNicholas and Carolyn Kello received the 2016 Ingrid P. Holtzman Award. The owners of the property were heavily involved in the design of the house and landscaping. The Design Review Board selected this property for the quality of its design and its enhancement of a Borough neighborhood.

List of Previous Award Recipients

Year Award Winner Impact
2015 Richard and Sally Kalin The gift of Downtown Eugene Brown, a sculpture of a man standing, waiting for a bus, listening to music on headphones while reading on a tablet computer, to Schlow Centre Region Library and the Centre Area Transportation Authority.
2014 Phil Hawk Renovation of the Nittany Lion Shrine including stonework with rock from local quarries and creating a naturalist environment for the sculpture.
2013 David A. Levy & Associates Outstanding architectural design for Urban Outfitters, the former M & T Bank site on East College Avenue. The design engages the street and addresses a prominent corner on College Avenue. The interior of the building is welcoming to passersby and the reuse of an existing structure embraces concepts of sustainability.
2012 Ralph and Marcia Heimer
Outstanding building design and community cohesion of Jeramar Plaza, located at 226 South Allen Street
2011 Community Arts Collective Dreams Take Flight mural
2010 Arboretum at Penn State Addressing the need for a garden open to the public
2009 Ralph and Rob Pileggi Outstanding building design at 700 West College Avenue
2008 State Theatre and Mike Negra Remodeling and preserving the historic theatre
2007 Schlow Centre Region Library Outstanding design of the library
2006 Graham Curtis Excellent signs
2005 Graham Spanier and PSU Campus aesthetic improvements
2004 Fred Fernsler Design sensitivity and receptiveness
2003 Michael Pilato Downtown murals
2002 Joe Banks Enhancing the Borough through gardens
2001 Cathy and Andy Zangrilli Many years of dedicated service in improving the Borough's appearance
2000 Joel Malnick and Sara Twilbil The first recipients of the "Ingrid" received the award for the outstanding reconditioning of two historic homes in the 300 block of South Burrowes Street.

Award Guidelines

In an effort for staff to understand the award, a set of guidelines were developed in 2011 for the Design Review Board to use when considering the award candidate. This list was based on information from previous award recipients.

The following guidelines were presented to the Board to assist them in determining nominees and recipients of the annual Holtzman Award:
  • Project must be located in the Borough;
  • Match or maintain historic character of the property and/or neighborhood;
  • Community enhancement, benefits beautifies of a specific public area or the community;
  • Incorporates a piece of public art by local artist(s);
  • Ability to be used for community events, weddings, educational activities etc;
  • Discreet and appropriately scaled for the site;
  • Use of elegant building materials;
  • Nice site with framing views;
  • Innovative use of plants, trees, vegetation, education or landscape architecture;
  • Charitable use (i.e. affordable housing);
  • Meets or exceeds the scope of development for the property and/or neighborhood;
  • Deemed a benchmark project;
  • Remodeled, expanded, improved;
  • Aesthetically pleasing tone;
  • Honor financial contributors to project;
  • Prominent facades;
  • Blending of two or more neighborhoods;
  • Bike facility improvements (i.e. trails, racks);
  • Use of sustainable products;
  • Level of historic preservation;
  • Functionality;
  • Outside seating and architecture;
  • Outstanding design features;
  • Builder/Designer/Artist contribution to community;
  • Strategically located;
  • Safe zone.

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