Professionally Managed Communities

What is a Professional City Manager?
State College Borough employs a professional city manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the local government. Professional managers are employed in more than 59 percent of cities and towns with a population of 2,500. State College Borough has a council-manager form of government, in which the elected council is responsible for making policy decisions and providing legislative direction and the professional manager is responsible for management of financial and human resources, delivery of services, strategic planning, performance measurement and government transparency and accountability.

Professional managers:
  • Are trained in the business of managing government and resources.
  • Maintain political neutrality and put the overall welfare of the community first.
  • Bring a community-wide perspective to policies and programs.
  • Strengthen local democracy by bringing all groups and all interests into the legislative process.
  • Ensure that services are fairly distributed to all members of the community.
  • Nurture organizational excellence and promote innovation.

What are the Benefits of Professional Management?
  • Professionally managed communities are consistently ranked among America’s best places to live.
  • A February 2011 study by the IBM Center for the Business of Government found that professionally managed cities are nearly 10 percent more efficient than those without professional managers.
  • Of the 87 U.S. cities that received Moody’s highest rating (Aaa) as of December 2009, 61 percent were professionally managed.
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