Budget Information Center

Welcome to the 2018 Borough Budget Process

It's budget season in the Borough of State College and the Budget Information Center is your one-stop-shop to follow this process from beginning to end. You'll be able to find dates for upcoming budget meetings and engagement opportunities. Visitors of this page will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Borough's budget by utilizing the FAQs section, view SlideShares from budget presentations, or view the budget discussions on C-Net. 

2018 Budget SlideShares:

  1. Borough Trend Monitoring Report
  2. 2018 Operating Budget Overview
  3. Executive Summary, Debt Management, and Pension
  1. Receipts, Finance, Tax, Information Technology, and Insurance Reserve
  2. Administration, Parking, and Regional Programs
  3. Public Works Department and Capital Improvement Projects

  1. Review of Planning and Neighborhood & Community Services Departments
  2. Review of Police Department 

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