Highlands Pilot Program

Highlands Residential Parking Pilot Program for Overnight Visitors

A pilot program for the Highlands neighborhood will be implemented for temporary guests. This program has been created in order to address the issue of regulating and reducing on-street parking in the Highlands Neighborhood in the Borough of State College.

Parking permissions have been taken and granted in the past throughout the Borough by telephone or email. This will not change for neighborhoods outside the Highlands in the Borough of State College. Residents in the Highlands who register for the program will get an allotted number of permits during non-event times that will be available at a website coming soon. The Borough has partnered with Parkmobile to make the permitting process as simple as possible.

During large events in the past, the Borough has lifted the overnight restrictions in the entire Borough because the volume of permissions is too high for staff to process. This will change for the Highlands neighborhood for the duration of the pilot program, but areas outside the Highlands in the Borough will still have the overnight restrictions lifted. Residents of the Highlands that have registered for the guest permits will be eligible to purchase overnight parking permits for their guests at a cost of $10 per 24 hour period. Vehicles must be parked on streets signed for the permits within the boundaries of the Pilot Program.

Step One: Check to see if you are eligible using the map Opens a New Window. Follow the registration details and email the parking department (parkingdept@statecollegepa.us) to register.

Step Two: Receive permit website and access information with instructions.

Step Three: Purchase temporary permits and park.

Program Details

Eligibility and Registration

Highlands Neighborhood Map Opens a New Window.

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