Sidewalk Repair Notices

Sidewalk Repair Notices
Sidewalks in the residential sections of the Borough are inspected on a four-year cycle to insure that they are in good condition. Downtown sidewalks are inspected every other year. Three criterion are used when inspecting the walks:
  • Horizontal alignment
  • Vertical alignment
  • Surface deterioration
If there is a problem, a Sidewalk Repair Notice is mailed to the owner of the property. Once a Notice is issued, property owners have approximately four months to make the repairs or replace the sidewalk block(s). White dots are painted on blocks needing to be repaired.

Specifications for Repairs and Replacement
If you plan to repair your own sidewalks or hire a private contractor to make the repairs you must adhere to certain specifications. The Borough has outlined the specifications for repairing or replacing sidewalk blocks in a pamphlet that you you can obtain online or by calling the Public Works Department.

Repair & Replacement Specifications...
Requesting Public Works Department Services
If you want to have the Borough replace the sidewalk blocks for you, please email your request and include the property address or call the Public Works Department at (814) 234-7140 to make the request. The cost for the sidewalk replacement is contained in the Sidewalk Repair Notice that was mailed to the property owner.
Issues Caused by Trees
If a tree root has caused your sidewalk problem, you may avoid future problems by following the Borough’s “Reducing Tree/Sidewalk Conflicts” brochure. The Borough Arborist may be contacted for further information on reducing tree/sidewalk conflicts.

Reducing Tree/Sidewalk Conflicts Brochure....


Questions regarding a Sidewalk Repair Notice or repair criteria can be addressed via email or by calling the Department during normal business hours at (814) 234-7140.

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