West End Revitalization Plan Information

West End Revitalization Plan Information
In May 2007, Council adopted the West End Revitalization Plan as the master plan for the Urban Village section of the community. This Plan is based on the Urban Village Market Assessment Urban Village Market Assessment completed in November 2005.

The West End Revitalization Plan included a series of challenges, opportunities and action items to be completed in the implementation phase. In June 2007, Council approved five tasks as the initial activities to be completed during the implementation phase of the project.

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Proposed West End Ordinance Information Zoning Ordinance Subdivision Ordinance

Key Elements
  1. preparing zoning and design requirements based on the master plan for adoption by Council;
  2. preparing a 10-year capital improvements program (CIP) that can be integrated into the Borough’s CIP;
  3. assisting with steps required by the urban redevelopment law to declare the West End, or appropriate portions thereof, a certified redevelopment area;
  4. developing brand identification for the West End;
  5. identifying and building the partnerships needed to implement the land use, transportation, and
  6. public realm recommendations identified in the West End Plan.

The Borough and its consulting team are in the process of completing the 5 tasks summarized above. Part of this work is initiating steps to secure funding from state and federal sources.

In December 2007, Council approved a proposed Capital Improvement Program for the West End. The Planning Commission is currently reviewing the proposed zoning and design standards that, if adopted, will replace the urban village zoning regulations currently in effect in the West End.

The Planning Commission is also considering a proposal to designate a portion of the west end as a redevelopment area. Work on the other two tasks is underway and information will be posted here as it becomes available.

The purpose of the West End Revitalization Plan is to develop a master plan for the revitalization of the designated Urban Village district through a process of consensus building among key stakeholders. This includes residents, businesses, students, and property owners in and near the West End. Development of the Plan evolved from one completed in late 2005

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