What are the different ABCs?
State College ABCs include the following:
  • Authorities Board,
  • Borough Water Authority,
  • Board of Health,
  • Design & Historic Review Board,
  • Real Estate Advisory Committee,
  • Regional Tax Appeals Board,
  • Rental Housing Revocation Appeal Board,
  • Zoning Hearing Board,
  • Civil Service Commission,
  • Planning Commission,
  • Transportation Commission,
  • Tree Commission,
  • Community Development Block Grant Citizens’ Advisory Committee,
  • Human Relations Commission, and
  • Redevelopment Authority.
Regional Government ABCs include the following:
  • Centre Area Transportation Authority,
  • Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority,
  • Schlow Centre Region Library Board,
  • Centre Region Building & Housing Code Board of Appeals, and
  • Centre Regional Planning Commission.
Council also appoints members to the Centre County Airport Authority, Centre County Community Foundation, Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority, Centre Network, State College Community Land Trust and University Area Joint Authority.

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1. What is an ABC?
2. What are the different ABCs?
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