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College Heights Association

College Heights Association

The College Heights Association was incorporated under the Non-profit Corporation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1975 to protect and advance the interests of the College Heights neighborhood and its residents.

All persons residing in the College Heights neighborhood are eligible for membership. The Association holds an annual meeting for the purpose of reviewing actions of the Association over the past year and proposing action for the Association for the coming year. Additional meetings may be held at other time for discussion of current issues.

For all the latest news and announces, please see our News & Announcements Page.

Next College Heights Annual Meeting

The next annual Meeting will be held:

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Christ Church, 405 Hillcrest Avenue

7:00 P.M. - Coffee Hour
7:30 P.M. - Business Meeting
After the business meeting Ed LeClear, State College Planning Director, will be our speaker

Automated Red Light Camera Enforcement

Concerned about the safety of State College pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, the College Heights Association has been working with State College Police Chief Tom King to urge our legislators to approve red light cameras for State College and comparable municipalities. To read more about these devices and learn what you can do to help, click on "The Case for Red Light Cameras."

Historic Property Designation

A number of properties contribute to College Heights' designation as one of State College's historic districts. The Historic Resources Commission encourages owners of those properties to recognize those structures with an Historic Plaque.

To determine whether or not your property is on the list of those contributing to the Historic District designation, please contact Anne Messner at or call 323-7109. Information about the plaques can be found at this borough link

On-street Parking Permission

Important Note:
Earlier the Borough advised College Heights residents to call 290-7275 for on-street parking permission. Recently that number was found to be a long distance call from State College, with a $4.24 minimum charge per call. Thus at this time whenever possible we're advised to use cell or land line phones with unlimited long distance calling for parking permission calls. The Borough is looking into a long-term solution to the problem.

Call: 290-PARK (7275)


Calls to request on-street parking permission in College Heights should be made to 290-PARK (7275). If the phone is not answered, a detailed message will advise residents of the information they should leave on voicemail.

Parking permission cannot be obtained by calling any other Borough number, including the police.

While problems are not anticipated, any new system may experience a glitch or two. Persons encountering problems should call the Parking Office/Parking Manager Charles DeBow at
278-4769 x4700, or email him at .

Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting of the College Heights Neighborhood Association was held on October 4, 2012.  The minutes can be found here.

Neighborhood Coalition Report to Borough Council
The final report from the Neighborhood Coalition to Borough Council can be found here.

Annual Membership neighborhood
Annual membership dues of $10 are payable to the College Heights Association for a term of membership from the beginning of September to the end of August of each year. Dues may be mailed to:

Donald Hopkins, Treasurer
523 North Allen Street
State College, PA 16803

Report Violations of Borough Ordinances
State College Borough now has an online form for Borough residents' use in reporting violations of Borough ordinances (e.g. snow removal, weeds, parking, trash removal, noise, unauthorized residents, etc.). The form goes directly to the Ordinance Enforcement and Public Health staff, where it will be addressed. The link for this form is here, and the form also is available under both the Ordinance Enforcement and Public Health drop-down menus in the Department of Ordinance Enforcement and Public Health section of the State College Borough web site.

While none of us is eager to take on this role, as Carl Hess, Borough planner, has stressed, often the only way staff members learn of violations is through neighbors' reporting.

College Heights School Possible Sale
At the College Heights Association October annual meeting, SCASD Superintendent Bob O'Donnell and Physical Plant Director Ed Poprick stated that the District planned to sell the College Heights School, and could be ready to vacate it as early as September, 2013.  

Since that time CHA residents have been quite concerned about the SCASD's continued refusal to acknowledge the restrictive covenant on the property, in spite of a number of requests from the CHA to the District.  Most recently, several residents sent the letter below to the School Board, which again has failed to respond.

The letter also was sent to the CDT, which printed it but did not indicate any signatories other than the Stebbins.

7 January 2013

State College Area School Board
131 West Nittany Avenue
State College, PA 16801

Dear Board Members,

For the past three months the College Heights Association has been communicating with the School District about future plans for the College Heights School building and property.  This property which was given to the School District has a restrictive covenant which stipulates that it either be used for educational purposes or revert to the heirs of the donor.  It is our understanding that, to date, the School District has avoided acknowledging this covenant.

As neighbors of the school property we find this extended ambiguity unacceptable.  We urge the State College School Board to acknowledge the covenant, to come to a timely resolution about future use of the College Heights School, and to inform the neighbors of its decision.


(Signatures as follows)

Phillip and Carolyn Stebbins
Jacqueline Stefkovich
Beth Maass
Marilyn Quethera
William Carlsen
Linda and Mike Sullivan
Ann McLaren
Rhett McLaren
Marcia Heitzmann
Mahalia Thoele
Rosemary Nabavi
A. Nabavi
Janet Thoele Zuckerman
Gary Zuckerman
Jane Liszka
Stewart Wheeler
Mike Homan
Alex Radosevich

Important Information on Neighborhood Preservation
For important information regarding the Borough strategic plan's #1 goal, neighborhood preservation, please click here.

(last updated 08-August-2014)