Redevelopment Authority

What is the Redevelopment Authority?

The Urban Redevelopment Law was created by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania so that re-planning and redevelopment of certain areas will promote the general public health, safety, convenience and welfare of citizens and the community as a whole.   

The Borough wishes to encourage healthful housing stock, a decent living environment and adequate places of employment and commercial activity for the citizens of the Borough and the community at large.

Meeting Time

The Authority meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at noon.

Current Members

  • Mark Huncik
  • Sally Lenker
  • Rebecca Misangyi
  • Elizabeth Goreham
  • James R. Shincovich
For questions about this authority, email us or call (814) 234-7109.
  1. Economic Development Goals
  2. Publications

Community Economic Development Goals

In 2013, the Authority recommended a series of Community and Economic Development Goals to the State College Borough Council. These goals include: 
  • Utilize tools and programs that will support the Borough's goal of preserving single-family, owner-occupied housing and create new opportunities for affordable and workforce housing;
  • Assist with the preservation and enhancement of existing commercial areas in order to retain community services and jobs and to diversify available retail and service options;
  • Prepare Revitalization Plans and work with Borough Council and the Planning Commission to advance these plans;
  • Take an active role in and support community initiatives that will encourage more diverse community character and expand professional employment opportunities, a diversity of housing types, local housing types and general community inclusiveness;
  • Create partnerships and programs that will allow Borough Council, the Redevelopment Authority and staff to invest strategically or financially in initiatives that will strengthen the local economy;
  • Continue to support the CBICC through annual contributions, Borough representation on CBICC Committees, and assisting the CBICC's restructuring efforts; and 
  • Continue to support the State College Area's efforts in economic-gardening by engaging Borough officials in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and providing a range of local government support for its activities.

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