Government Structure

Government Structure
The Borough of State College is a Home Rule Municipality. Although the community historically began as a Borough and maintains the word "Borough" in its official name, the Borough has chosen to adopt a Home Rule Charter, which authorizes Pennsylvania Municipalities to determine what form of government they would like to have and what services they want to provide. A municipality that adopts the Home Rule Charter is no longer guided by the Codes enacted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Home Rule Charter, therefore, grants more power and the ability to exercise any powers not denied by the state Constitution, the General Assembly, or its own Home Rule Charter. The municipality is still subject to its particular municipal code regarding its municipal powers.

Home Rule Charter of the Borough of State College
In 1973, the residents of State College adopted a Home Rule Charter, which provides for a Council - Manager form of government.

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Borough Codification of Ordinances
Ordinances adopted by Borough Council throughout the year are codified and made available in the Borough Codification of Ordinances or "Borough Codes."

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Please note: Newly enacted ordinances may not yet be codified into the online Borough Codification of Ordinances. Do not rely on the online Borough Codification of Ordinances for any legal matter. The most up-to-date Borough regulations are made available at the Administration Department located on the third floor of the State College Municipal Building, 243 South Allen Street, State College, PA.

If there are any questions regarding Borough ordinances, please contact the Administration Department by phone at (814) 234-7110 or contact us via email.

Government Policy & Administration

State College Borough's mission is to enhance that quality of life by fostering a safe, safe vibrant, diverse and sustainable community; by providing innovative, cost-effective services; and by allocating resources efficiently with professionalism, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Setting Policy
Borough Council is the policy-making body of the Borough. Council meets in regular session on the first and third Mondays of each month. With the exception of June, July and August, Council also meets in work sessions on the second Monday of each month.


Council appoints a Borough Manager to serve as the chief executive officer of the Borough. The Manager and Assistant Borough Secretary provide direct support for Council. The day-to-day operation of the Borough is the responsibility of a professional manager. Thomas J. Fountaine, II, the Manager, is responsible for overseeing all of the operating departments, including Administration, Parking, Planning, Police and Public Works.

The Borough of State College cooperates with other regional municipalities in the Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) to fund park maintenance and recreation services, building inspection services, regional planning, the Schlow Centre Region Library, volunteer fire services and mass transportation.

Strategic Priorities
In 2009, the Borough completed a comprehensive strategic planning process, which identified major goals of the organization:
  1. Maintain safe, stable, attractive neighborhoods;
  2. Improve operational support systems to enhance productivity;
  3. Partner with local, regional and state entities to expand cooperative opportunities;
  4. Expand housing opportunities;
  5. Continue to improve public spaces and community infrastructure; and
  6. Foster commercial revitalization.

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