Interview Requests

News Media Interviews
News media interviews are frequently conducted by the State College Police Department's Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section to provide the community with a wide variety of information including safety tips, current events such as road closings and traffic pattern changes, information updates on police investigations, releases of suspect photographs, and requests for community assistance in solving cases.

A news media briefing is held at a regularly scheduled time each day. Media personnel are provided with information on incidents that have occurred over the past twenty four hours, since the last briefing. Our department also provides information to reporters via telephone contacts if they were unable to attend the days regularly scheduled briefing.

The State College Police Department treats all members of the media with impartiality, and in a courteous, professional manner to ensure a continued successful relationship. If you would like more information on media relations, please contact the State College Police Department's Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section at (814) 234-7150 or email.

Student Interviews
The Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section of the State College Police Department regularly conducts interviews for Penn State students and area high school students who require information on public safety and crime prevention for class projects and term papers. Students interested in interviews with a police officer can either write, or record by audio or video their interview session to capture the necessary information for their project.

To set up an appointment for an interview the student can either come in to the lobby of the State College Police Department and complete a simple form, or call (814) 234-7150 and request to speak with the Community Relation's officer. Interviews are typically 20 minutes in length, depending on topic. Students requesting statistical information must provide prior notice on the specific area of information and time frame when setting up an appointment.

The State College Police Department does not provide critiques or information on investigations conducted by other departments. If the student requires specific information on such investigations, they will be referred to the respective agency handling the case.

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