Student Home License

State College Borough is in the process of implementing Ordinance 2029, which is the student license ordinance that was adopted by Council in November 2013. The ordinance requires that all current and future student homes as defined by the State College Borough Zoning Ordinance submit an application for a student home license. The Planning Department has notified all one- and two-family dwellings with a valid student home of this Borough requirement. The license will be distributed to these student homes in September 2016.

Student Home Definition

A student home is defined as any living arrangement within a one-family dwelling, one-family dwelling with an apartment or two-family dwelling by persons who are unrelated by blood, marriage or legal adoption and are attending undergraduate or graduate programs offered by colleges or universities or are on semester break or summer break from studies at colleges or universities, or any combination of such persons. The residents of a student home share living expenses and may live and cook as a single housekeeping unit. Student homes include living arrangements where the landowner(s) or landowner's family members are residents of the dwelling unit. Student homes do not include fraternities, sororities, rooming houses, townhomes or multiple-family dwellings.

Links to Borough Codification of Ordinances on the Student Home License
(Ordinance 2029)

Chapter IV - Building & Rental Codes, Part E - Property Maintenance


Please direct any questions to John Wilson, the Borough Zoning Officer by email or by calling (814)-234-7109.

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