Administration, Engineering & Permitting

  1. The Administration Division of the Public Works Department provides planning, supervision, engineerings, construction management and land surveying services for all Borough facilities and projects. The Division is also responsible for solid waste management, maintenance of all municipally owned buildings and grounds, streets, alleys, storm and sanitary sewers, vehicles and equipment. Staff also provides professional services to the Tree Commission, Transportation Commission and other Authorities, Boards and Commissions as needed.

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Application for Street Excavation

In accordance with Ordinance 2005, a permit is required for all excavation work in or occupancy of Borough Right-of-Way

Tree Lawn Garden Plot Registry Form

State College Borough requests that any resident planning to add plants or other materials to the tree lawn please register his or her garden. Following review by the Public Works Office, the Borough will either issue a no-cost permit or inform you of any problems that require attention. In doing so, we will be better able to ensure public safety, disseminate information and reduce impacts of infrastructure improvements on plantings.

Refuse Cart At-Door Request

Persons with phyiscal disabilities due to age, poor health, or as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act may be exempt from placing refuse at the street or alley. Please complete and submit this form for review and consideration.

Compost & Woodchip Delivery Form

(Borough Residents Only)

Bulk Refuse Collection Form

State College Borough residents can have bulk items collected from their properties by Borough crews by calling in for a collection (814) 234-7135 or by completing the Bulk Refuse Collection Form. Bulk items and brush are collected on Monday, unless there is a legal holiday during that week, in which case no bulk items or brush is collected. This form should be received no later than 5:00 PM on Sunday. To submit a request over the weekend, please submit this online form or leave a detailed phone message. For more information on bulk item collection, please call (814) 234-7135. If you have excessive amounts of household trash, brush or you have construction/building materials to be collected there may be a charge. To determine if there will be a charge, please call (814)234-7135.

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