Summers on Allen Street Closure (Passed)

Summers On AllenOn October 14, 2019, the Centre Foundation, presented the “Summers on Allen” proposal and application.  This application proposes to close the 100 block of South Allen Street and convert the block into a pedestrian plaza with seating, landscaping, a play area for children, a small stage for performances and painted crosswalks.  As proposed, this closure would provide a pilot closure to provide evidence and data to inform future decisions on the establishment of a permanent pedestrian mall in this block of Allen Street.

The closure is proposed to take place beginning May 11, 2020, following Penn State’s graduation weekend and Mother’s Day.  The closure will end no later than midnight July 3, 2020, so the “Summers on Allen” does not conflict with the 4th Fest parade and there is ample time to set up for the Central PA Festival of the Arts.  The project is funded through a grant from the Knight Foundation.

Borough staff has reviewed the application and provided a brief presentation regarding this review at the December 2, 2019, Council meeting (Click here to download the presentation).  Following this presentation, the Council received public comments on this proposal and application. Additionally, the Borough has received a public comment via email and other communication forums regarding this proposal.  The public will also have an opportunity to provide further comments on this proposal prior to this meeting.

 Although the previous Council voted to deny this application for Summers on Allen, the newly seated Council has asked that this application be placed on this agenda for their consideration.  This application may be considered by new newly seated Council based on the authority granted in Section 504 of the Home Rule Charter which provides that Council has the power to enact, demand or repeal all ordinances or resolutions. This Section enables Council to vote again on an issue.

Update: this has been approved. 

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