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Tax Payment Receipts

If you pay your taxes by mail and you wish to receive a receipt, you must enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope either with your payment or with your request for a receipt after payment has been made. If you pay in person at the Tax Office, receipts are provided.

Receipts for taxes withheld by your employer are not available from the Tax Office and must be obtained through your employer.

Additional information on tax obligations and requests for receipts can be made by contacting the Tax Office in the State College Municipal Building.

Tax Deadlines Falling on Holidays and Weekends

When a tax deadline falls on a day when the municipal building is closed for public access, taxpayers are provided the next working day to file. This includes holidays, weekends, and closings related to inclement weather conditions. Please call the tax office at 814-234-7120 to confirm filing deadline extensions.

Drop Box Payment Options

Situated near the finance department in the public lobby area of the municipal building, a drop box has been placed as a payment option. The lobby is open 24 hours a day. Payments placed into the box are processed on the next working day. For security reasons, please ensure that your payment envelope is securely fastened. For tax purposes, payments placed into the box on a deadline are recognized as timely filed. If a receipt is required, enclose a self-addressed, stamped return envelope.

Extended Evening Hours

The tax office staff will accommodate taxpayers during peak deadlines by offering extended evening hours. Please call the tax office at (814) 234-7120 to discuss evening services. Under certain circumstances, the tax office may be able to accommodate taxpayer special needs and be available for assistance. If you have a special request, you may reach a member of the tax office staff at (814) 234-7120 to discuss scheduling an appointment.
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