Youth Programs

Camp Cadet

Camp Cadet provides a week-long experience for boys and girls ages 12 through 15. They are exposed to law enforcement activities and are given an opportunity to know police officers on a personal basis. All cadets will develop new friendships and share experiences that will last a lifetime while participating in law enforcement activities and typical camp activities.

Child Safety/Stranger Danger

A child's safety is a top priority for any parent. The Child Safety/Stranger Danger presentation teaches children ages 5-10 years old the danger of talking to or going with persons they do not know.

Cyberbullying & Internet Safety

Cell phones and computers themselves are not to blame for cyberbullying or other safety threats. Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting kids with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these tools can also be used to hurt other people.

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