Protecting Children

Parents around the country are now more than ever concerned about the safety of their children. Parents constantly worry about stranger abduction and about their child being sexually molested. There is so much information available to the public about keeping kids safe, that it has become confusing to parents trying to sort through the vast amount of "expert" opinion.

In this 90-minute presentation, we will discuss child safety from logical view point, provide you with pertinent statistics, dispel some old myths, and show you how you can enhance your child's safety. This presentation contains information on predators and things they do to win your confidence and lure your child. We will provide you with information on the signals of intuition and the ways to capitalize on those "gut feelings" to better protect your child. Basic information is provided on what parents need to teach their children so they can begin to learn to protect themselves and develop their intuition in the process. We also provide parents with the "signs and symptoms" of sexual abuse so they are able to recognize potential problems should they arise.

If you would like more information, please contact the State College Police Department Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section at (814) 234-7150.

Or, if you like information on Megan's Law, visit the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's website at and type in the PA Keyword "predator."

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