Ride Along

Police Patrol Ride-Along Program
Are you interested in what the cop on the street does to serve our community? You can find out by signing up to do a ride-along for a few hours with a patrol officer. Candidates must be at least sixteen years of age, and sign a waiver of liability as well as undergo a criminal history and background check. Those persons under eighteen must have a parent or guardian sign for them. Candidates accepted to do a ride-along will be assigned a date and time to ride with our police patrol officers and observe how the police handle the various types of incidents they encounter on our streets. Whether you have an interest in law enforcement as a career, or are doing a school term paper, the experience will be educational.

The patrol ride-along is generally done from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm in a four-hour block. Candidates are assigned based on manpower availability and activity frequency. Persons assigned to a patrol officer are under the direct supervision of that officer. The officer has the discretion to terminate the ride-along at any time should the candidate fail to comply with the officer's requests concerning safety issues.

For more information, please contact the State College Police Department's Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section at (814) 234-7150 or email police@statecollegepa.us.

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