Centre County Crime Stoppers

Centre County Crime Stoppers­Centre County Crime Stoppers is a volunteer organization of local citizens and business people dedicated to the reduction and prompt solution of crimes, and to rewarding persons who provide information that lead to the arrest of criminals. Founded in 1990, Centre County Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization involving cooperative efforts of the Pennsylvania State Police, Centre County Municipal Police Departments and the citizens of Centre County.

Submit an Anonymous Tip

If you would like to provide information concerning a fugitive, or an unsolved crime, and remain anonymous, the Centre County Crime Stoppers toll free telephone number is: (877) 99-CRIME.or e-mail tips to tip@centrecountycrimestoppers.org. Or, tips can be submitted to the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers at (800) 4-PA-TIPS.

Anonymous tips can also be submitted directly to the State College Police Department via this online form, through the Citizen Request Tracker by selecting "Anonymous" to log in or by calling (814) 234-7150.

Stay Informed with Crime Alerts

Centre County Crime Stoppers has an active Facebook page.

How Does Crime Stoppers Work?

Crime Stoppers utilizes a multi-media approach to solving crime. Each week a fugitive or unsolved crime is selected by the Crime Stoppers Police Coordinator, who distributes the information that is supplied by the investigating agency to the media for publication, (known as the "Crime of the Week"). A reward of up to $1,000.00 is awarded to the individual who supplies the information needed to solve the crime.

Crime Stoppers allows the informant to remain completely anonymous and still receive the award by use of the Crime Stoppers Telephone Hotline. Persons providing information about unsolved crimes are assigned a number, and if the information qualifies the individual for a reward, their assigned number is publicized through the media, with a request for the individual to again call the hotline.

The Crime Stoppers civilian Board of Directors and The Police Coordinator will determine the amount of the reward, and which informants merit reward money. In some cases, more than one person can contribute to solving a crime.

How is Crime Stoppers Funded?

Centre County Crime Stoppers is funded by contributions from service organizations, social clubs, business men and women, corporations, and interested residents of Centre County. There is no funding, other than donations. If you would like more information about Centre County Crime Stoppers, or would like to make a donation to this organization, please contact the State College Police Department's Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section at (814) 234-7150.

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