Starting a New Business in State College

As a potential business owner in the Borough of State College, you will be required to register with the municipality to obtain all appropriate licenses and permits to operate a business. This page contains general information and has been compiled to assist you in meeting these requirements.
  1. Businesses with Employees
  2. Business Loss Prevention
  3. Centre Region Code
  4. Eating and Drinking Licenses
  5. Federal & State Contacts
  6. Games of Chance
  7. Massage and Tattoo
  8. Refuse Collection
  9. Sewer Tapping Fee
  10. Temporary Business
  11. Water Tapping Fee
  12. Zoning Permits
  13. Other Information

Businesses with Employees

Withholding responsibilities. All employers are required to withhold from their employees' wages and remit on a quarterly basis the following taxes:

Earned Income Tax 

To be withheld at the appropriate rate (Rate withheld is determined from the tax rate assessed by the municipality in which the employee resides).

Local Services Tax (LST)
The total annual LST for persons employed within the State College Borough is $52.00 ($5.00 State College Area School District (SCASD) portion plus $47 State College Borough portion). The LST should be withheld on a per pay basis. The amount to be deducted each pay period is determined by dividing $52 by the number of pay periods in the calendar year. If you are a self-employed individual you will be required to pay the LST on your own behalf. Please note the following exceptions to the withholding of LST: Municipal Exemption Form on File (relieves employee of the $47 State College Borough portion, withhold $5 in one lump sum); Secondary Statement on File (relieves the employee of the full $52, no deduction is required); Military Exemption (relieves employee of the full $52, no deduction is required); and Clergy Exemption (relieves employee of the full $52, no deduction is required). Please visit for more information regarding LST and/or to download a Local Services Tax (LST) Guide.

For local tax applications, returns, and additional information call:
State College Borough Tax Office
243 South Allen Street
State College, PA 16801
(814) 234-7120

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