Make Sure You Have All of Your Permits

Are You Doing Any Sanitary Sewer Work?

  • Any work done on a sanitary sewer lateral outside of the building requires a Sanitary Sewer Permit ($125) and a scheduled inspection by Borough Engineering staff.
  • If work extends into the grass plot, street, or alley, then a Street Excavation Permit ($150) is also required.
  • In addition, a bond (or surety) and proof of insurance for street restoration may be needed.

Are You Doing Work that Requires a Street Excavation Permit?

  • Any underground utility work in the street, grass plot, or alley.
  • Plantings other than grass in the grass plot; approval from the Borough Arborist and a Tree Permit (no fee) is required.
  • Driveway entrance work; Engineer approval is required.
  • Click here for the Application for Street Excavation.

What is a Street Occupancy Permit?

The fee for an Occupancy Permit is $60.  This permit is required any time the street or grass plot is occupied in order to unload equipment or materials or to store equipment or materials for a short period of time.  Please use the Application for Street Excavation (link provided above) to apply for this permit.

Contact the Public Works Department with any questions at 814-234-7140 or by e-mail.

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