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March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017
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Data on 2018 “State Patty’s Day” 

The State College Police Department and Penn State University Police Department are providing data for this year’s “State Patty’s Day” event along with data for the past eight (8) years for comparison purposes.   
This unofficial, unsanctioned event held the week before Penn State University’s Spring Break for the past 12 years continues to create significant problems and is a great concern for our community.  Most of the focus of this event is around both illegal consumption and over consumption of alcohol.  Not only do some Penn State students participate in this event but many participants come from other universities across Pennsylvania and beyond. 

An extraordinary amount of time and money has been devoted to trying to put an end to this nonsensical event.  The greatest success we as a town-gown community partnership have had in reducing the negative impacts of this event was when Penn State paid local liquor license establishments to close on the Saturday of State Patty’s Day.  That was very successful but also very costly. 
Both the State College Borough and the Penn State University continue to be committed to search for sustainable strategies that will put an end to this event that is so harmful and dangerous to our community and those who participate in the event.   
While this event continues to create significant problems in our community, there was a decline in most of the statistical categories tracked when comparing it to last year.  Comparing this year’s (2018) event to last year’s (2017), the following statistical categories were down: 
Reported Crime (-3.7%) 
DUI Arrests (-71%) 
Ordinance Violations (-47%) 
Parking Violations (-38%) 
Alcohol Overdoses at Mount Nittany Medical Center (-23%). 

Download the 2011-2018 SCPD Activity Comparison

The one category that was up by 20% was the number of arrests made and criminal citations issued.  However, with crime down slightly and arrests up by 20%, more persons were identified and charged for the crime(s) they committed. 
State College saw mostly a decline from a statistical point this year. However, this event is still a major problem and unwelcomed in our community. 
The State College Borough and Penn State University will continue to search for the answers that will end this event for our collective safety and well-being. 
John F. Gardner
Chief of Police

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