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Holiday Safety Tips
November 26, 2019

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As the holiday approaches, the State College Police Department would like to remind all residents of the following safety tips to help reduce property loss and/or damage while you are out of town.

SECURE YOUR RESIDENCE: Lock all of your doors and windows. Consider placing a bar or piece of wood on the track of a sliding glass door to assist with securing the door. Be sure to close all of the curtains and blinds in your apt. or residence.

SECURE VALUABLE ITEMS: Take valuable items and small electronics with you if possible. If items must be left behind, do not leave them in plain view near windows or doors and place them where they are not easily accessible. Please record serial numbers and note if the item is able to be tracked using a GPS locator (activate GPS applications).

SECURE YOUR VEHICLE(S): Remember to lock car doors, park in a well-lit area or a secure facility and remove all valuables from vehicles, especially those in plain view (GPS units, small electronics such as iPods, MP3 players and currency including change).

HOLD MAIL AND NEWSPAPERS: Have your mail held and postpone newspaper delivery. Don’t make it obvious to others that you are away.

HAVE A TRUSTED FRIEND/NEIGHBOR CHECK YOUR RESIDENCE: If your neighbor/friend is staying in the area while you’re away, arrange to have them watch over the apartment/residence from time to time and provide them with a contact number for you in the event of a problem.

DON’T HIDE SPARE KEYS: Don’t hide spare keys outside of your apartment/residence.

ENSURE SUFFICIENT LIGHTING: Make sure you have sufficient lighting around all of your doors, especially those not visible from the street. Buy a motion-sensitive light or a timer that automatically turns on exterior lights.

Additionally, the State College Police Department requests the public to be vigilant and to report any and all suspicious activity to the police immediately. Some suspicious behavior or activity may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Unknown persons knocking on doors of houses or apartments for no apparent reason or knocking on doors of multiple houses or apartments;
  • Occupied vehicles parked in alleyways or along the street for an extended period of time;
  • Vehicles driving down a street or through a neighborhood slowly or driving down a street or through a neighborhood several times; or
  • Persons inexplicably loitering in a residential area.

Suspicious activity may be reported by contacting the State College Police Department at (814) 234-7150, by email or submit an anonymous tip through our website.

The State College Police Department also provides a Vacation Home Check Service when manpower and calls for service permit. For more information or to request a vacation home check of your residence, visit our website at:


Off. A. R. Salyards #3245
Community Relations & Crime Prevention Specialist
(814) 234-7150

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