Request for Exemption to Place Refuse at Street or Alley

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Persons with phyiscal disabilities due to age, poor health, or as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act may be exempt from placing refuse at the street or alley. Please complete and submit this form for review and consideration.

By submitting this form, I hereby attest that I have a physical disability due to age, poor health or as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. I am unable to place refuse at the street or alley and there is not another person living within the household capable of placing refuse at the street or alley. I also understand I am limited to no more than three (3) 30-gallon containers (90-gallons total) of refuse per week. To obtain this service I must provide a three foot wide path, clear of overhanging brush, snow and ice from the street or alley to the collection location.
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