Mayor's Welcome

Mayor Elizabeth GorehamWelcome to the Borough of State College, home of the Pennsylvania State University. Town and campus have grown side by side since Penn State was founded as the Farmers' High School in 1855, on land donated by the generosity of early ironmasters. It was the Pennsylvania State College from 1874 until 1953. The Borough of State College was incorporated in 1896 and today is a Home Rule municipality.

The population of the six municipalities that make up greater State College is some 96,000 residents – half of whom are Penn State students. The Borough has a population of over 42,000 – the largest of any other borough in the Commonwealth. With a land area of only five square miles, the Borough has a population density comparable to that of Rome, Berlin and Toronto.

Seventy-five percent of Borough residents are Penn State students, many of whom make important contributions to the community. For example, forty percent of our all-volunteer Alpha Fire Company firefighters are Penn State students. Town-gown relations are among the best in the nation, as we work jointly on issues of common interest ranging from land use to dangerous drinking to transportation improvements.

Downtown State College boasts a vitality seen in few communities. Specialty shops, ethnic and fine-dining restaurants, coffee shops, taverns, nightclubs, and theatre offer attractions for many ages and interests. The community draws visitors from across the country and around the world. Additionally, A growing number of retirees, many of them Penn State alumni, have moved to the area.

Ranked as one of the least stressful communities in America, State College also is one of the safest. A place for families with children, the State College Area School District is recognized for its excellence.

Treevitalize PlantingState College is a Tree City, USA, granted that title annually for more than twenty-five years for the effort we put into maintaining an outstanding "urban forest." Tree-lined streets add to the grace of our National Register of Historic Districts, noted for their outstanding and varied 20th century architecture.

The Borough supports open and responsive local government. We are proud of those who volunteer on our Borough Council, Authorities, Boards, and Commissions, as well as our dedicated employees who serve and protect residents and visitors.

Come. Visit. Enjoy the jewel of central Pennsylvania!

Elizabeth A. Goreham

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