Borough Codification of Ordinances


The electronic version of the Borough of State College Code of Ordinances is not the document of issue and the Borough of State College printed and published Code remains the primary sources and document of issue for all purposes. In the event of a conflict between the electronic version and the official printed version, the official printed version shall govern. Copies of the official Borough of State College Code of Ordinances may be purchased from the Borough and is available for review at the State College Municipal Building, Administration Department, 243 South Allen Street, State College, PA.


Additionally, the provider of the Borough Codification of Ordinances, Keystate Publishers,  Inc., is no longer in business and there are known conflicts and errors with the latest revision of the codification, which was last updated on February 17, 2015 (For example: Ordinance 1984 was not codified correctly in Ch. 8 Sc.114). The Borough is in the process of updating codification and correcting these errors. A new electronic version will be published in the coming months. The old electronic version is provided below for reference only. 

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