Use CrimeReports to check on criminal activities in the Borough of State College and the Townships of College and Harris. At the click of a mouse, you can review reported crime by date range over the past six months, type of crime and the
location by street and block number.

NOTE: Reports may take up to 7 calendar days to appear on the map. 
  1. Toys for Tots

    Toys for Tots

    Drop off toys, like these snuggly teddy bears, at the State College Police Department for Toys for Tots. Read on...
  2. Riot Photos

    Riot Photos

    Riot photos are now posted on our website. If you can identify anyone, please contact the State College Police Department or submit an anonymous tip. Read on...
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  2. Publications
  1. meddisposal

    Unused Medication Disposal

    Safely dispose of your unused prescription and over-the-counter medications at the Borough's MedReturn.

    What is Accepted?

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