Leaf Collection

DSC_6131-403Leaf Collection

This page contains information and instructions on the Borough's leaf collection. This is updated throughout the year and we recommend you regularly check back for the most up-to-date information. 

  1. Spring Leaf Collection
  2. Instructions
  3. Summer & Winter Leaf Collection
  4. Leaf Collection Map

The spring leaf collection starts in March and ends mid-May. Please follow the instructions listed in the next tab ("Instructions").

Fall Leaf Collection

The fall leaf collection will be released in August. Please check back for the schedule.

Request an Organics Recycling Cart

Sign up for the organics recycling program by calling (814) 234-7135 or (814) 234-7140 to request an organics recycling cart free of charge.

Collection of Other Yard Trimmings

Brush (woody, chippable material) is collected separately from leaves. Schedule brush collection by calling (814) 234-7135 or submit a request online. Grass clippings and brush that can fit inside an organics recycling cart, should be placed in the green-lidded organic recycling carts.

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