Administration Department/Manager's Office 

243 South Allen Street
Room 324
State College, PA 16801

(814) 234-7110

(814) 231-3082

Link: Department of Administration

The Department of Administration is responsible for the following activities/programs:
  • Offices of Manager and Assistant Manager
  • Offices of Mayor and Council
  • Office of Community Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Purchasing
  • Records (Permanent)
  • Communication

Offices of the Manager and Assistant Manager 

(814) 234-7110

(814) 231-3082

Link: Administration Department Website

The Manager is appointed by Council and serves as the chief executive officer of the Borough. The Manager and Assistant Borough Secretary provide direct support for Council.

Name Title Email Phone
Fountaine, II, Thomas J. Borough Manager (814) 234-7110
Dunlap, Roger A. Assistant Borough Manager/CFO (814) 234-7110
King, Thomas R. Assistant Borough Manager/Public Safety
Ergler, Sharon Assistant Borough Secretary (814) 234-7110
Shontz, Douglas Communications Specialist (814) 234-7110
Position, Vacant Staff Assistant (814) 234-7110
Trostle, Denise Administration Clerk (814) 234-7110

Offices of Mayor & Council 

(814) 234-7110

(814) 231-3082

Link: Borough Council Website

Borough Council
Back Row: Janet Engeman, Thomas Daubert, Catherine Dauler, David Brown, Theresa Lafer.
Front Row: Evan Myers, Elizabeth Goreham, Jesse Barlow.

Borough Council is the policy body of the Borough of State College. 

The Mayor is the official representative and ceremonial head of Borough government. She presides at regular meetings of Borough Council and has a veto power over ordinances adopted by Council.

If you would like to contact more than three members of Council, please call (814) 234-7110 or contact us via email. Messages sent to the general email address will be forwarded to the Mayor and all members of Council. 

Name Title Email Phone
Barlow, Jesse L. Council Member (814) 234-7110
Brown, David J. Council Member (814) 234-7110
Engeman, Janet P. Council Member (814) 234-7110
Dauler, Catherine G. Council Member (814) 234-7110
Lafer, Theresa D. Council Member (814) 234-7110
Myers, Evan Council President (814) 234-7110
Hahn, Donald M. Mayor (814) 234-7110
Murphy, Dan Council Member (814) 234-7110

Centre Tax Agency / Tax Services Division 

243 South Allen Street
First Floor
State College, PA 16801

(814) 234-7120

(814) 234-7148

The Centre Tax Agency is charged with ensuring fair and uniform collection of taxes while providing friendly, professional, responsive services to the taxpayers and municipalities of Centre County in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Name Title Email Phone
Fuge, Jacqueline E. Tax Services Director (814)-234-7120
Archer, Brittney Tax Specialist (814) 234-7120
Hartle, Martha Tax Specialist (814) 234-7120
Bartley, Pamela K. Tax Specialist (814) 234-7120
Meeker, Jason L. Tax Specialist (814) 234-7120
Richards, Michelle M. Tax Specialist (814) 234-7120
Sherkel, Gregory Tax Specialist (814)-278-4770

Human Resources Division 

Room 324

(814) 234-7115

(814) 231-3082

Link: Human Resources Website

Name Title Email Phone
Shaw, Leann Director of Human Resources (814) 234-7115
Thompson, Lisa HR Generalist (814) 234-7115

Financial Services Division 

First Floor

(814) 234-7125

(814) 234-7148

Link: Finance & Tax Department

The State College Borough Financial Services Division provides accounting and financial services to State College Borough, Centre Region Council of Governments, C-NET and Schlow Centre Region Library. The Finance Department staff also plays a major role in the preparation of the Borough's Capital Improvement Plan, Five-Year Financial Forecast and Annual Operating Budget.

Name Title Email Phone
Dunlap, Roger A. Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Manager (814) 234-7110
Miller, Dwight Manager of Financial Services (814) 234-7125
Dyke, Deann Accounting Assistant II (814) 234-7125
Long, Kendra Accounting Assistant I (814) 234-7125
Ostromecki, Connie Billing Specialist (814) 234-7125
Zerby, Sarah Finance Clerk (814) 234-7125

Information Technology Division 

Second Floor

(814) 278-4759

(814) 234-7165

Link: Information Technology Department Webpage

Name Title Email Phone
Hernandez, Angel Chief Technology Officer (814) 278-4759
Bowser, Craig W. Systems Analyst/Administrator (814) 278-4759
Hoover, Jay Systems Analyst/Administrator (814) 278-4759
Smith, Richard IT Technical Support (814) 278-4759
Miller, Tracey IT Project Manager (814) 278-4759
Kunkel, Gene Systems Administrator (814) 278-4759
Walsh, Sean Systems Administrator (814) 278-4759

Purchasing & Risk Management Division 

First Floor

(814) 234-7114

(814) 234-7148

Link: Purchasing & Risk Management Website

Name Title Email Phone
Dabiero, Ernest Purchasing Director and Risk Manager (814) 234-7114
Kauffman, Erin Purchasing & Risk Management Specialist (814) 234-7104