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Refuse and Recycling

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1. Am I required to recycle?
2. Who should I contact about recycling?
3. What else can I recycle?
4. How do I obtain recycling and refuse containers?
5. What day of the week is my refuse picked up?
6. Does refuse pickup change during the holidays?
7. Does State College compost?
8. What will be accepted in residential organics recycling carts?
9. Why is State College Borough switching to automated collection?
10. Do I use my own trash bins?
11. Why do I need a new cart?
12. What size cart will I receive?
13. What will I do with my old garbage can?
14. What is automated collection?
15. When will the automated collection begin?
16. When and where should I place my refuse and organics carts?
17. Can I bag my organic materials?
18. Do I still have to bag my trash if it is in a cart with a lid?
19. What if I have extra trash that won’t fit in the cart?
20. My trash is collected in the alley. Will alley collection continue?
21. What happens if it snows?
22. Why do I have to make sure the lid is closed?
23. If I move, do I take the cart with me?
24. What if I need a larger or smaller cart?
25. Will the introduction of automated collection mean layoffs?
26. Am I required to recycle organics?
27. Can I still get at-door trash collection?
28. What food scraps can be recycled?
29. What happens if my cart is damaged?
30. Can I get an extra garbage cart?
31. Can I get an extra recycling bin?
32. Will there be changes in the bulk item collection?
33. What items will be accepted in the green-lid organics cart?
34. What items will be accepted in the black-lid garbage carts?
35. What items will not be accepted in the green-lid organics cart?
36. How should I prepare items for my green-lid organics cart?
37. How do I get my leaves collected?
38. How do I start or stop my refuse collection?
39. How can I find out more about the Borough's upcoming organics recycling program?